Cloud ERP Solution
Platform for managing inward, outward shipments, manufacturing process, inventory, buyer & seller information and integration with billing software.

Bhagwati Rice & Agro Industries

Gadchiroli, Maharashtra (IN)
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  • All inward and outward shipment information available in notebooks. Difficult for Client to review
  • Inward shipment processing time huge, having to manage multiple vehicles’ weighing, shipment unloading and noting of shipment details on several different notebooks
  • Difficult to keep track of seller and buyer orders and payments
  • All information present in notebooks, making it difficult to track and retrieve it
  • Manpower & time wastage in maintaining operational data in an inefficient manner
  • Inaccuracies in noting weight values resulting in wrong bill amounts
  • No real-time inventory management, resulting in time and resource mismanagement
  • No scope of analytics and removing inefficiencies in operations
problem solving


  • Web app to create all inward and outward shipment entries
  • Make all information readily available for Client’s perusal in tabular format with easy search and sort options
  • Easy to track status of various inward and outward shipments with monitoring dashboard
  • Simple UX and UI to allow easy on-boarding of users
  • Integration of web app with weighing machine, to remove possibility of fraud
  • Integration of web app with CCTV to attach images with relevant entries for Client’s perusal
  • Generate bill PDFs for quick print and sharing

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