BIDCO Dairy Ration Balancer
Enabling Cow farm owners to build, analyse and implement best feeding routines to increase cow milk productivity with optimized costs.

Land O' Lakes Inc.

Arden Hills, Minnesota (US)
Food & Agriculture
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  • No existing tool to build feeding strategies for cows
  • Without proper analysis farms may spend beyond budget to increase milk production
  • Risk of feeding diets deficient or excessive in certain nutrients
  • Analysis of feed as root cause not possible when milk production drops
  • No way for client to share their years of experience and research outcomes with farm owners
  • No way for farm owners to confidently choose the right feed for their dairy cattle
  • Web based tools of no use in locations with zero to no internet connectivity
  • Proprietary software too expensive for small farm owners
problem solving


  • Build an offline first web app
  • Users can analyse existing feed strategies
  • Optimize feed and cost to reach a target milk production
  • Adjust parameters, and visualize their effect in real time
  • Convert client's knowledge into app which can now be shared with their users
  • Sales team can perform analysis, generate reports and share with users who can't access web app

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