LOL Vision
Build detalied Image datasets for multiple Machine Vision applications.

Land O' Lakes Inc.

Arden Hills, Minnesota (US)
Food & Agriculture
problem solving


  • No public dataset available for custom Computer Vision applications
  • Even if open-source images available, difficult to mimic actual use case conditions
  • Difficult to find free use images for commercial applications
  • Difficult to control quality of open-source images thus limiting the training data
  • Client had Computer Vision ideas for wide variety of animal species. Again, difficult to find images for uncommon species.
  • Client had some images with them but without annotations
  • Client wanted to collect some metadata along with images as well for various ideas
  • Clicking fresh images possible. But cumbersome for users to transfer to Cloud along with metadata
  • Internet connectivity an issue in remote farms where most images would be clicked
problem solving


  • Build a mobile app with offline image capturing
  • Sync images when device online
  • Add metadata while browsing images one by one
  • Implemented Machine Learning based Image Acceptance Algorithm to control quality of input images
  • Web app to allow users to upload old images
  • Web and mobile apps allowed easy collaboration leading to large image datasets very quickly
  • Use same apps for multiple species. Switch seamlessly between species

Technology Stack

react native

Other Work