Diet Recommendation App POC
POC of Diet Recommendation for Exotic Animals via web app and ChatBot and platform for defining & visualizing complex diet rules.

Mazuri Exotic Animal Nutrition

St. Louis, Missouri (US)
Food & Agriculture
problem solving


  • No platform in use to engage with customers
  • No platform to share decades of diet recommendation knowledge with customers
  • Lack of a tool to build, test and visualize complex relationships between different criteria that impact diet recommendation
  • Desire to develop interactive Chatbots for customers but no expertise to do so
  • Difficult to update & track scattered information in form of multiple excel sheets
problem solving


  • Build a POC to showcase various possible platform ideas
  • Built a diet recommendation for exotic animals chatbot
  • Built a demo web app for similar diet recommendation with premium UI
  • Using mockups showcases ideas to build, test and visualize diet recommendation rules
  • Data import using excel sheets and smart forms to bring all information on a single platform

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