Equine Ration Analyzer
Analysis & Comparison of Horse's rations for Nutritionists and Sales team, to assist buyers in choosing the right nutritional product.

Purina Mills

St. Louis, Missouri (US)
Food & Agriculture
problem solving


  • Cumbersome desktop software in use
  • Only available to nutrition team for research use
  • No scope of collaboration to develop best feeding strategies
  • Difficult to sync changes in feed or horse information
  • Information gap b/w Sales and Nutrition team
  • No option to customize charts and reports
  • No mobile app
  • Analysis of Horse Feed difficult
problem solving


  • Build application with focus on UX
  • Make app available to Sales and Nutrition team with smart user access control
  • Web based apps makes collaboration easy
  • Notification system for users to get modification alerts
  • Sales and Nutrition team accessing common data
  • Custom charts and reports
  • Mobile app with sleek UI and UX
  • Perform & save analysis for future reference
  • Build and test custom diets quickly

Technology Stack

react native

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