Cloud ERP Solution
Manage vendor and client orders, payments and billing information digitally, resulting in 10-fold increase in efficiency.

Tejas Canvassing

Bengaluru, Karnataka (IN)
Commodities Trading
problem solving


  • Client spent half day everyday to visit merchants to collect order on paper
  • Additional time spend on transferring orders to a notebook, compile and place order with rice mills
  • Tracking of orders very difficult
  • Difficult to manage order receipt, billing and payments from merchants and to rice mills
  • All information present in notebooks, making it difficult to track and retrieve it
  • Manpower & time wastage in maintaining operational data in an inefficient manner
  • No scope of analytics and removing inefficiencies in operations
problem solving


  • Mobile app to allow client to take orders remotely
  • Allow client to send orders via the mobile app
  • Allow tracking of order on mobile and web app
  • Use mobile and web app to see order, payments history for merchants and rice mills
  • Simple UX and UI to allow users to begin using the app on Day 1
  • Monitor data on app to give insights to client

Technology Stack

react native

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